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Comic-related designs – Cover logos, titles and more.

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Bag A Tales - Logo
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Who am I?

Rick - Canadian Indie Comic Letterer

Hello. My name is Rick Joseph, and I’m an indie comic letterer, designer, and hobbyist artist from Canada.

My path to lettering comics began with a love of comics (obviously) and a fascination with fonts. In the mid-2000s, this fascination led to lettering zines and webcomics, as well as producing fonts for fun. It wasn’t until 2017 that I decided to devote more time to lettering indie books. Since then I’ve collaborated primarily with great indie comic creators and small publishers excluding Action Lab, Scout, Mad Cave, and more ;).

I’m dependable, and I’ll give your comic the professional treatment it deserves. I have a great love for indie comics, artwork, graphic design, typography, and am a self-proclaimed font whore. What can I say, I’m a font nerd!

In addition to digital comic lettering, I can assist in the following areas: page design and layout, title and logo design, cover layout, banner design, PDF export, consulting, and more. I’m also bilingual. Therefore, I can letter your stories in either French or English.

Allow me to letter your next project, whether it’s a comic, a pitch, a graphic novel, or a crowd-funding campaign. Why? Lettering is something I enjoy doing. Above all, I want you to be successful. Feel free to contact me at rick@lightamatch.com if you dig my work and are interested in collaborating.

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